Hello! Here are all the projects I’m working on. This page will be updated sporadically. This list does not include my stories. If you’d like to view what writing projects I have going on, click here.

I will update this page semi-regularly with my progress on each project. 

Pressit Magazine

Pressit Magazine is a quarterly literary publication centered around content from Redditors. We publish un-themed fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Here are our goals, crossed-out ones have been accomplished:

  • Publish our first issue on November 23rd;
  • Assemble a team for the Stephen Crane Realism Prize;
  • Publish content from the Baltimore, NYC, and DC areas;
  • Put together a recommended reading list of the editors’ favorite books, with interpretations and analyses of each;
  • Start a Pressit Magazine literature and interview podcast;
  • Sort out the financial and tax implications of Pressit Magazine;
  • Incorporate as a 501(c)(3) publishing company;
  • Select a candidate to interview for the first issue.

Sercrest Tribune

The Sercrest Tribune is a joke news website that I plan to put together. It’ll be a hub for a bunch of horror text-adventure, interactive fiction games. It’s still a WIP.

Literary Fiction Community

The r/litfiction community grows every day! We’re an active group of writers of literary or realistic fiction. Come join our Discord.

Harvard Classics 90-Day Challenge

As of October 5, 2018, I’m on day 5 of the challenge. 

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